School Begins Monday, August 25th and Tuesday, August 26th

Dear Friends of Morningside School,

It was so great to visit with all of you yesterday at the Open House!  I hope your child was able to meet his or her teacher, become familiar and comfortable at the school and is anticipating the 1st day of school with the same excitement that we feel!  

This year will surely be an amazing adventure! Our first days of school are Monday, August 25th and Tuesday, August 26th. When you pull into the drive, be sure to pull as far forward as you are able in order to keep the flow moving as quickly as possible.  A teacher will greet the child at the car and walk them into the building. Please be patient for the first few weeks of school – the process becomes more efficient as we are more quickly able to recognize faces and cars.  It is incredibly helpful for you to have the card in the passenger side so that we can read the name from the door of the school.  You are welcome to park in the Senior Citizen’s Center lot and walk in if you are concerned about separation anxiety or have questions for me or your child’s teachers. Please do not leave your car in the drive and walk up, this creates a traffic jam and unsafe conditions for children, families and the staff. Safety is our ultimate concern.

 The staff at Morningside will be tenderhearted with your child through this transition and if you would like a reassuring phone call during the first session, please make sure we know you would like us to call and we will happily do so.  I will be available most of next week to visit or to answer any questions that may arise.


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