Nico, You are not alone.

The teachers at Morningside School join many others in Cache Valley for a great big shout out to Nicolas Oakeson, an 2010-2011 Morningside alumni who is fighting a rare disease called Langerhans cell histiocytosis.  In addition to this cancer-like disease that forms tumors out of white blood cells, Nico’s left kidney is failing.  Because he is immunosupressed due to treatment, Nico is isolated from contact with others leaving him to feel very alone. Wendy Oakeson, Nicolas’s mom, works at Advent Creative where Art Director Jake Steele developed a campaign to raise money and support for Nicolas and his family. They are asking that people purchase the T-Shirts, and then photograph themselves to put it on Project Nico’s facebook.  Morningside wants to help.  You can get a Nico T-Shirt directly from or you can pick one up at the school next week.  Here’s his story… let’s pay it forward.

Nico, everyone at Morningside School is rooting for you!  You are a great kid and you are not alone!

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