Coding in Kindergarten!

This year our Kindergarten classes have been involved in some research with USU’s Math Department using Coding Toys in the classroom. Our students completed an individual pre-assessment interview with a member of the research team, which consisted of 1) the IGDIs Problem-Solving tasks and 2) a researcher-created coding skills measure. Our students then participated in a series of five coding toys lessons over five days for 30-40 minutes per session. A co-investigator taught  the lessons, and a different co-investigator  video recorded the lessons and took direct observation field notes, and the teacher took direct observation field notes. The research team then met  to discuss, design, and refine the lessons. Following the conclusion of the five lessons, our students completed an individual post-assessment interview, which consisted of the coding skills measure. The teacher participated in an interview about her observations of the students’ interactions with the coding toys and learning.


Morningside’s Conclusion: coding is fun! 😀 Thank you to Dr.  Jessica Shumway for inviting our school to participate in this study! Thank you as well to all of the researchers and teachers for their hard work in carrying out the study.


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