Ballerinas, Zoo Animals, & Fire Trucks… Oh My!

March is the only month in our school year that the children don’t have a day off. It is often a month that has a lot of indoor recess due to crazy changing weather in Utah. For this reason I try to plan as many special activities as possible to keep the children happy.

This March we had Cache Valley Civic Ballet come during Fine Arts week and do a special presentation. The children adored their ballerina– she read them a story and taught them some basic ballet moves.

We also had Willow Park Zoo come and bring some different animals for the children to learn about. They were fascinated with it all and it was so fun to try to see the world through their eyes.

Lastly, we took our annual field trip to the Fire Station that is just down the block from our school. Our local firemen are so wonderful and patient with our student’s many questions. We had awesome parent volunteers come with us and that made it even more fun! It was the perfect addition to Community Helpers Week! turtle shell 20170314_085535 20170314_085911 20170314_125531 120170328_091410 20170328_091650 20170328_093626 20170328_095842 20170307_091503 20170307_090850 20170307_090925 20170307_091039 20170307_091421

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