Online Enrollment & Tuition Payment

We are currently enrolling students ages 3-6 years old!



We would be happy to give you a tour!  Please phone 435-753-1001 or email to schedule a visit to the school. You can submit an Online Enrollment Application below.  Please note you must hit submit at the end of the application or we will not receive it.

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A non-refundable $50 registration fee is expected to accompany each new student's application. You can also download a pdf copy of the Morningside School Enrollment Application to bring along when you visit the school.  Checks should be made payable to Morningside School, Inc. 


If you do not receive confirmation of registration within 24 hours of online submission, please send an email to  



There is no fee for paying the registration fee online. We also accept cash or check at the school.

For an online payment of the registration fee or tuition via PayPal please click "Pay Now"

M-F, Kindergarten Full Day - $540 per mo.

M-F Kindergarten Half Day - $330 per mo.

M-F Preschool Half Day - $300 per mo.

M/W/F Preschool Half Day - $195 per mo.

T/TH Preschool Half Day - $145 per mo.

M-F Preschool Full Day- $540 per mo.

M/W/F Preschool Full Day - $390 per mo.

T/TH Preschool Full Day- $290 per mo.

If multiple children are enrolled there is a 20% discount off of second child's tuition.