It’s Friendship Week!

This week our USU practicum students are preparing a billion shoe boxes for the Valentine’s Day friendship mail!   Special thanks to Kia and Katie for their hard work preparing a box for each child to decorate for the special party!  Also, thanks to Teacher Mady, and Forever Young Shoes for donating the shoe boxes!

Preschool Valentine’s Parties will be held on Thursday and Friday.   Please have your child bring 20 Valentines, 16 for classmates and 4 for teachers/usu practicum students.  Don’t worry about addressing them to specific children in the class.  If your child attends more than one session, they will only pass out their Valentine’s on the first session they attend.

Kindergarten Valentine’s Party will be held on Friday. Please have your child bring a valentine for each child in the class.  Each valentine should be signed by your child and should have the name of the child it is for somewhere on the valentine.

Oh, and don’t forget we are headed into another 3 day weekend! No school February 16th for Presidents’ Day!

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