Some of the Fun Things Happening at Morningside!

Hopefully, you have been hearing about some of the great things that have been going on at school from your child, but just in case the details have been sketchy  —

In September, Stacie Nimer, a community educator  at Willow Park Zoo brought some visitors to school –a beautiful little owl, a huge hawk and a very scrappy turtle!  We learned all about migration and hibernation and other ways that animals survive the cold winter months.


She taught us a little song!

This month the preschool class made tortillas with Daniella’s mom, Christine, who came to school especially to share the richness of their family’s mexican heritage!

In Kindergarten, everyone is doing so very well and having a blast reading, writing and learning math concepts!  Each Friday, Teacher Gigi sets up neat science experiments and there are lots of little art projects adding color to the classroom! (and your fridges too)


And outside the Kindergarten kids have been hula hooping like crazy! Check this out!

1 thought on “Some of the Fun Things Happening at Morningside!

  1. Teacher Marie

    Sweet! I miss my little friends! Love the hoola hoop tricks! And I love the playground in the fall. Beautiful!


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