COVID-19 School Closure, 2020-21 Enrollment, & Tips for Talking to Children about School Closures

On April 14th, Governor Herbert and State Superintendent of Public Education Sydnee Dickson announced that the school dismissal for all Utah schools will be extended for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We recognize that this is a very difficult time and we are here to answer any questions that you may have. We deeply miss being together at school and are keeping hope that life can normalize soon.

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions:

We are currently enrolling for the 2020-2021 school year. You can secure your spot by filling out a registration form here As of now, we plan on school resuming on Wednesday, August 19, 2020

All events for the 2019-20 school year, such as Kindergarten Graduation and the Spring Program, are cancelled.

If your family could use help with meals here is a link for Grab and Go Meals:

Here is a link with suggestions to talk to your child about the school closure:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.

Coding in Kindergarten!

This year our Kindergarten classes have been involved in some research with USU’s Math Department using Coding Toys in the classroom. Our students completed an individual pre-assessment interview with a member of the research team, which consisted of 1) the IGDIs Problem-Solving tasks and 2) a researcher-created coding skills measure. Our students then participated in a series of five coding toys lessons over five days for 30-40 minutes per session. A co-investigator taught  the lessons, and a different co-investigator  video recorded the lessons and took direct observation field notes, and the teacher took direct observation field notes. The research team then met  to discuss, design, and refine the lessons. Following the conclusion of the five lessons, our students completed an individual post-assessment interview, which consisted of the coding skills measure. The teacher participated in an interview about her observations of the students’ interactions with the coding toys and learning.


Morningside’s Conclusion: coding is fun! 😀 Thank you to Dr.  Jessica Shumway for inviting our school to participate in this study! Thank you as well to all of the researchers and teachers for their hard work in carrying out the study.


Morningside Accepts Funds from 529 Accounts for Kindergarten Tuition

Did you know you can contribute to the Utah Savings Educational 529 Account and use that money to pay tuition for children in Kindergarten-12? The money withdrawn from this account will not be subjected to income tax on its earnings. And, Utah taxpayers’ contributions to the 529 account yearly receive a 5 percent tax credit against income tax up to $1,960 ($3,920 for husband and wife)!

Possibly the coolest thing about this account is that it has no relationship limit! So whether you’re the student’s parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or family friend you can use 529 funds to pay K-12 tuition. The 529 is huge because public schools offer only half-day kindergarten so you could pay for a Kindergartner to attend a private school the other half of the day and further their early education using tax savings! The state-sponsored program in Utah is


Having so much fun in Fall 2017 Semester!

Our 2017-18 school year is off to a great start! The children are busy working and playing!

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” — Fred Rogers

Here are just some pictures of our year so far! IMG_4109 IMG_4111 IMG_4116 IMG_4118 IMG_4128 IMG_4130 IMG_4131 IMG_4133 IMG_4139 IMG_4141 IMG_4147 IMG_4148 IMG_4150 IMG_4151 IMG_4155

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Let Them Play!

This is a wonderful article that appeared in our local newspaper. Children need to PLAY– that is the work of childhood! It makes me so sad that children in other schools miss out on the play of early childhood.
Both our Preschool & Kindergarten classrooms have a sensory table and dramatic play area. Each session gets a 30 minute recess and they participate in Art & Science Projects. Guess what… even with all that “play” our Kindergarteners are still reading, writing, and doing math at the end of the school year! #advocateforplay

Ballerinas, Zoo Animals, & Fire Trucks… Oh My!

March is the only month in our school year that the children don’t have a day off. It is often a month that has a lot of indoor recess due to crazy changing weather in Utah. For this reason I try to plan as many special activities as possible to keep the children happy.

This March we had Cache Valley Civic Ballet come during Fine Arts week and do a special presentation. The children adored their ballerina– she read them a story and taught them some basic ballet moves.

We also had Willow Park Zoo come and bring some different animals for the children to learn about. They were fascinated with it all and it was so fun to try to see the world through their eyes.

Lastly, we took our annual field trip to the Fire Station that is just down the block from our school. Our local firemen are so wonderful and patient with our student’s many questions. We had awesome parent volunteers come with us and that made it even more fun! It was the perfect addition to Community Helpers Week! turtle shell 20170314_085535 20170314_085911 20170314_125531 120170328_091410 20170328_091650 20170328_093626 20170328_095842 20170307_091503 20170307_090850 20170307_090925 20170307_091039 20170307_091421

2016 Random Acts of Kindness

Every year in December, Morningside School does a Food Drive for our local Food Pantry. This year we are doing our Annual Food Drive, but we want to extend a bigger challenge as well to show kindness! No better time than now to teach our children about love and kindness! Take the challenge– we dare you!

50 Random of Acts of Kindness for Christmas

1. Go through your toys and donate ones you don’t play with to charity or local children’s hospital

2. Donate food to your food bank- either purchase food or go through your pantry.

3. Donate pet supplies to the shelter and go pet some of the animals.

4. Help a sibling to do a chore or other job.

5. Donate books you no longer read or volunteer at a school to read to children.

6. Put money in the Salvation Army bucket.

7. Bring breakfast to your school teacher.

8. Leave a little treat in the mailbox for the mailman.

9. Take a treat to the local fire or police station.

10. Fulfill an angel tree request.

11. Go to a nursing home and visit – take around candy canes and wish them a Merry Christmas.

12. Write grandparents a letter / draw a picture and mail it to them.

13. Leave an extra large tip for a server/waiter along with a note wishing them a Merry Christmas.

14. Leave one dollar bills around a dollar store (especially in the toy section!).

15. Pay for the person behind you in a fast food drive-through.

16. Make a treat and a Christmas card for the school bus driver or crossing guard.

17. Donate to a Non-profit organization or find one to volunteer for.

18. Offer to take the neighbors dog for a walk.

19. Hold the door open for people behind you (this is great if you are out Christmas shopping- and it teaches great manners).

20. Smile at every single person you see for one whole day (makes a great family challenge!).

21. Write a thank you note for a teacher or coach or someone who has influenced you and mail it to them.

22. Take a treat or note to a neighbor or friend who could use a pick-me-up.

23. Write thank you notes or put together care packages for those who are serving our country in the military.

24. Have a bake sale or fundraiser and donate all the earnings to a local charity.

25. Go buy inexpensive socks, beanies, and mittens (the dollar store has lots of great ones!) and deliver them to a homeless shelter or keep them in your purse and hand them out if you come across any homeless people.

26. Leave some extra money in the vending machine (or even tape it to the outside with a note that says “This treat’s on me!).

27. Buy a little treat or give a thank you note for the cashier at the grocery store.

28. Tape some money to the gas pump for the next person who gets gas.

29. Babysit for a single parent so they can have some alone time or even get some Christmas shopping done.

30. Clean out your garage or storage area and give stuff away for free on Craigslist.

31. Donate blood or volunteer at a Blood Drive.

32. Invite someone who lives alone over for dinner.

33. For one day, try to pick up at least three pieces of trash wherever you are.

34. Send unexpected flowers to someone you appreciate.

35. Run errands for elderly/widows/widowers in your area.

36. Take a treat and/or thank you note to the janitors at your school.

37. Double the dinner you are preparing and deliver it to someone who could use it.

38. Put together a full Christmas dinner (turkey, potatoes, gravy, rolls, etc) and drop it off at someone’s house who could use it. Ring the doorbell and run away so it’s anonymous (and so much more exciting!).

39. Sit with someone at lunch that looks lonely or that doesn’t have very many friends (a good challenge for your kids!).

40. Compliment at least 5 people in one day (this is also a great challenge for kids!).

41. Ask the Hospital to let you pay on a stranger’s past due medical bills

42. Help someone in your area wrap Christmas gifts.

43. Take a treat and/or thank you card to the school librarian.

44. Do an extra household chore without being asked.

45. Make a homemade bird feeder and hang it outside (like a pine cone rolled in peanut butter and birdseed).

46. Donate diapers and wipes to a local women’s/family shelter.

47. Buy some new coloring books and crayons and leave in a hospital waiting room.

48. Decorate some pillowcases and take them to a local children’s hospital.

49. Collect jackets, blankets, and shoes and take them to a homeless shelter.

50. Shovel snow for a neighbor.