Arrival and Departure

AM Sessions, 8:30 – 11:30 AM, and PM Sessions, 12:30-3:30 PM. Please enter the driveway on the south and exit on the north.  A staff member will greet your child at the car and take the child into the school during the 15 minute grace period before and after your session starts.  If you wish to come inside, please park outside of the circle drive and bring your child in.  If for some reason a greeter does not meet you, park outside the circle drive and bring your child in.  Make certain that a member of the staff is aware that your child has arrived.   Do not leave your car in the circle drive without a driver.  Your best intentions might cause a serious traffic hazard.  Feel free to come inside the school to observe or pick up your child, but please park outside of the circle drive for this purpose.  Children become apprehensive if their ride is late, so please call the school if you have a delay.  Your child will not be released to a person other than the regular driver unless they are on your approved list of people to drop off or pick up so please keep that list updated. You are responsible for buckling your children into the car. There is a $5.00 per fifteen minute fee for early drop off or late pick up.

Health Policy  

Morningside School requires certification of compliance with the State of Utah immunization against contagious diseases program. You may apply for a waiver should you have personal, medical, or religious reasons to delay or avoid vaccination.  If you need assistance or more information, contact the Bear River Health Department  at 792-6500. Inform the school if your child has a prolonged illness, may have been exposed to a contagious disease, or is on any medication. In cases of illness, please call the school in a timely manner even if you are not yet sure that the child is contagious. Report the student’s status and keep your child at home until the nature of the illness is clear and the child is well. Children should not be at school if they have had a fever, have vomited, or had diarrhea within the past 24 hours. If a child becomes ill at school, we will call you immediately. If you are unable to pick up, the child will be removed from the class room and made comfortable until pick up is possible.

Clothing Policy

Though we expect the children to arrive clean, properly dressed and well-groomed, be aware students sometimes participate in painting and other hands-on activities which might soil clothes. Although aprons are worn for messy work they do not always catch everything. Please dress your child in comfortable play clothing and send outdoor clothing appropriate for the season. Preschool students need to have a change of clothes at school in case of accidents. Please label removable clothing items with your child’s name.

Lunch Policy

There is an optional lunch hour each day from 11:30-12:30 with the same 15- minute grace period for drop off and pick up before and after. If you would like your child to stay for lunch please notify their teacher at drop off time and send them with a sack lunch. The charge is $4.50 per day for the hour lunch supervision. Please label your child’s lunch box.


We celebrate each child’s birthday at Morningside School. If their birthday does not fall on a school day, we like to celebrate their “un-birthday” on a day set up between teachers and parents. Please contact your child’s teacher to arrange a day to celebrate if your child’s birthday does not fall on a school day.

If you would like to bring something to share with your child’s classmates to celebrate their birthday or a holiday it has to be commercially packaged or fresh fruits or vegetables. We want to keep our children as healthy as possible, and because we have many birthdays to celebrate, we only allow healthy choices to be shared for birthdays and holidays. Some examples are: fresh fruits or vegetables, fruit snacks, gold fish crackers, small muffins, juice boxes, or non-food items like stickers or pencils, etc. Thank you for your cooperation.

Show and Tell

Children are not to bring items from home unless specifically requested by the teacher.


Animal friends can be fun and educational. However, due to allergies and other considerations, staff permission must be obtained before a pet may visit Morningside School. The parent MUST remain at the school with and care for the pet.


Outdoor Play

We play outside unless the air quality is “Orange” or worse. You can check the daily air quality in Logan at: Please send appropriate clothing for cold weather days. If your child is not feeling well enough for recess please keep them home until they are well enough to play outside. For more information on why outdoor play is so important to us please read here: