Having so much fun in Fall 2017 Semester!

Our 2017-18 school year is off to a great start! The children are busy working and playing!

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” — Fred Rogers

Here are just some pictures of our year so far! 

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Let Them Play!

This is a wonderful article that appeared in our local newspaper. Children need to PLAY– that is the work of childhood! It makes me so sad that children in other schools miss out on the play of early childhood.   Both our Preschool & Kindergarten classrooms have a sensory table and dramatic play area. Each session gets a 30 minute recess and they participate in Art & Science Projects. Guess what… even with all that “play” our Kindergarteners are still reading, writing, and doing math at the end of the school year! #advocateforplay

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turtle shell

Ballerinas, Zoo Animals, & Fire Trucks… Oh My!

March is the only month in our school year that the children don’t have a day off. It is often a month that has a lot of indoor recess due to crazy changing weather in Utah. For this reason I try to plan as many special activities as possible to keep the children happy.

This March we had Cache Valley Civic Ballet come during Fine Arts week and do a special presentation. The children adored their ballerina– she read them a story and taught them some basic ballet moves.

We also had Willow Park Zoo come and bring some different animals for the children to learn about. They were fascinated with it all and it was so fun to try to see the world through their eyes.

Lastly, we took our annual field trip to the Fire Station that is just down the block from our school. Our local firemen are so wonderful and patient with our student’s many questions. We had awesome parent volunteers come with us and that made it even more fun! It was the perfect addition …

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2016 Random Acts of Kindness

Every year in December, Morningside School does a Food Drive for our local Food Pantry. This year we are doing our Annual Food Drive, but we want to extend a bigger challenge as well to show kindness! No better time than now to teach our children about love and kindness! Take the challenge– we dare you!

50 Random of Acts of Kindness for Christmas

1. Go through your toys and donate ones you don’t play with to charity or local children’s hospital

2. Donate food to your food bank- either purchase food or go through your pantry.

3. Donate pet supplies to the shelter and go pet some of the animals.

4. Help a sibling to do a chore or other job.

5. Donate books you no longer read or volunteer at a school to read to children.

6. Put money in the Salvation Army bucket.

7. Bring breakfast to your school teacher.

8. Leave a little treat in the mailbox for the mailman.

9. Take a treat to the local fire or police station.

10. Fulfill an angel tree …

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Fine Arts Week!

This week was enriched by having Miss Andrea, a local Ceramics Teacher, come and show the children how to work with clay. We also had a special ballerina visitor from the Cache Valley Civic Ballet come and introduce the children to the world of dance! The children learned a lot about many different types of art in the world!

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MSS Welcomes Award Winning Leslie Black!

We are incredibly thrilled to announce that the amazing, Leslie Black will be joining us every Friday at 11:00 and 1:00 for an interactive story session involving: music, puppets, and most importantly character development!

Leslie Black was a kindergarten teacher at Bay Vista Fundamental Elementary School in St. Petersburg, Florida. In her 38 years of teaching she has had a broad range of experiences, from full year Head Start teacher, Migrant Education Program classroom teacher, then Oral Language specialist and consultant, Creative Arts teacher for a university early childhood program (focusing on integrating the arts and language skills), taught sixth grade, first grade and Montessori preschool, then, finally Kindergarten for over 20 years. For 8 years she served on a resource team of teachers in Pinellas …

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Welcome Teacher Jessica and Teacher Morgan!

We are so excited to welcome two wonderful Teachers to our Morningside Family! Teacher Jessica will be our new Full-Time Head Preschool Teacher and Teacher Morgan will be our new Assistant Preschool Teacher in our AM classes. We are so grateful to have them with us and know that they will do great things for our school!

Teacher Jessica Tenny graduated with a degree in Human Development from BYU, where she truly enjoyed learning about how to help children reach their full emotional, social, and mental potential.  She was a stay at home mom for 12 years, where she spent many happy hours teaching her children their ABC’s, writing, reading, and just generally learning about the amazing world around us!  She has an incredible love for reading, and she reads daily with her children believes reading is the “key” to learning.  She also worked as a Preschool Movement Instructor, where they taught children how to skip, hop on one foot, dance, learn rhythm, and enjoy moving their bodies.  She has also spent …

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